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Learn Namaz online

Importance of namaz Namaz is a compulsory prayer practiced by every Muslim five times a day. Namaz is performed five times daily early in the morning, afternoon, evening, near sunset, and late evening. The namaz is one of the five mandatory pillars of Islam, with the other four being faith in the oneness of God, performing charity, fasting in the Islamic month of Ramzan, and undertaking a pilgrimage to Haj once in a lifetime. Learn namaz online In the present era, advancement in technology has provided the benefit of learning namaz Namaz online along with various other advantages. It is mandatory for every Muslim, it not only strengthens our iman but there are also a lot of benefits. All Muslims turn their face towards the Ka’abah while offering namaz and this direction is called the qibla. By keeping all this in view, every Muslim should know the proper way of offering prayer. Various online courses are

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Fundamental Duas for Kids (Easy To Remember)

One of major elements of a Muslim conduct is making of Dua & Fundamental Duas for Kids. Besides general and major events like Eid, Fasting, Marriage, etc., Islam stresses upon Muslims to fundamental dua’s.  So we need to look for shelter in Allah from Shiyateen as guided by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).With our regular Noor Ul Quran recitation classes, we additionally show daily fundamental dua’s for kids. Our expert tutors will direct you about the significance of these Duain which we took from the authentic books of Hadith. Like what to recite after we wake up and what to recite when leaving home. These Duas carry sharp impact to your kids and will help kids to improve the quality of life. How to make Dua: In our online academy, we teach a couple of things that a Muslim must remember for Dua.The main thing to remember is the intention behind making

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Noorani Qaida Online

To learn the Holy Quran with correct pronunciation or Tajweed is a religious obligation of Muslims. Noorani Qaida is thought to be a basic Qaida for children to learn the Holy Quran all across the world. The Holy Quran can not be learned without knowing the basic Tajweed rules. It teaches the learner Zayer, Zabar, Paysh, Maad & Shad the most basic elements of Arabic. To learn the Quran e Pak there is a “Qaida” designed for beginners. Keeping in mind the “Makharij” is designed for those who are not native Arabic and can learn the Holy Quran easily. of 17 chapters each with a specific pattern of learning. It is not possible to learn Quranic words without knowing the Arabic basic rules & pronunciation. consists of all the basics of Arabic used in the Holy Quran. There are some key features : There are unlimited benefits of Noorani Qaida because it

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quran courses

Easy Quran reading

Easy quran reading is major concern of Muslims throughout the world especially for non- native Arabic learners. The Qur’an is the word of Allah Almighty. It was revealed by Allah to provide complete Guidance to humanity in all its affairs. The Quran, thus was revealed for the obvious purposes of being (1) read, (2) understood and (3) practised. It is the responsibility of every Muslim to read the Quran, to understand the Quran and to practice in daily life. There is no reason for ‘Quranic illiteracy’ that is prevailing in most areas of the Muslim community today. Many Muslims today hardly know how to read the Quran appropriately, even though the 1st  Revelation that was sent to the Prophet, sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, was: ‘READ’. It has been estimated that 80 prcent of muslims are non arabs, quran reading and listening in proper way is their first priority. Various techniques and methods have

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Best Courses For New Muslims

In our today’s digital life, learning the knowledge of Islam and teaching it to our kids is very essential for us. Noor Ul Quran New Muslim course is an online course devoted to teaching the basics of Islam to new Muslims.  Allah Almighty says in Holy Quran: “We did not send before (O Muhammad) any messenger but we revealed to him: ‘None has the right to be worshipped except me, therefore worship me”.  [Holy Quran, Chapter 21, Verse 25] “Those who have faith and whose hearts find peace in the remembrance of God”  [The Quran, Chapter 13, Verse 28] “Unquestionably, God’s friends have nothing to fear, nor shall they grieve.”  [Holy Quran, Chapter 10, Verse 62] In our new Muslim course, learners will be able to know the basics of their beliefs, life of our Prophet, Fiqh, Tauheed, Dua’s, hadith, and History. Our well qualified tutors give information on the

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Islamic studies online

Islamic studies: This includes a deep study of the Qur’an and the sayings of Muhammad. Besides this, wide knowledge of basic things such as the workings of Islamic law, Sufism, political views, the major divisions of the faith, basic part and highlights of different pieces of literature and the role of women, etc. These studies have become mandatory for the 21st-century issue and there is a growing recognition that Islamic Studies has become a subject of specific importance in a multicultural society. The students of today, if get a complete understanding and basic knowledge of all aspects of Islam, will become the teachers of the future with an idea for multiculturalism and peaceful co-existence. Online Islamic studies: It doesn’t matter at which stage of life we may be in, the need for Islamic learning never ends. There is always more to learn, follow, and be inspired by. The idea of sitting and

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