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Islamic studies:

This includes a deep study of the Qur’an and the sayings of Muhammad. Besides this, wide knowledge of basic things such as the workings of Islamic law, Sufism, political views, the major divisions of the faith, basic part and highlights of different pieces of literature and the role of women, etc.

These studies have become mandatory for the 21st-century issue and there is a growing recognition that Islamic Studies has become a subject of specific importance in a multicultural society. The students of today, if get a complete understanding and basic knowledge of all aspects of Islam, will become the teachers of the future with an idea for multiculturalism and peaceful co-existence.

Online Islamic studies:

It doesn’t matter at which stage of life we may be in, the need for Islamic learning never ends. There is always more to learn, follow, and be inspired by. The idea of sitting and learning from a thoughtful and knowledgeable teacher who can develop our minds, broader our thinking, and brighten our hearts is every student’s dream. But, due to Covid-19 such regular in-person gatherings almost impossible our attention has been turned to seriously consider the option of online learning. And we are loving it.

More than just watching YouTube videos, listening to audio lessons, or tajweed mp3s, true online Islamic learning with an efficient teacher has allowed us to resolve all that made Islamic learning more difficult in the past. There are various benefit has been observed by taking our Islamic learning online.

Benefits of online Islamic courses:

If you’re a parent seeking Islamic studies courses for your children, then the benefit multiplies exponentially. No more exhausting journeys and anxiety about moving from one place to another. The ease of online learning sets each lesson up for success.

Furthermore, because they are not required to organize a physical venue, students and teachers can be more flexible with class numbers and timetables. Imam Connect makes it simple to contact and schedule the teacher you require at your convenience.

Islamic studies for kids:

Various online institutes are available for kids to get Islamic knowledge. Their courses are specially designed and developed for Muslim kids in non-Muslim countries because we all can understand the challenges parents may face in raising their children Islamically in a non-Muslim environment and teaching them Islamic education for children better way. Also, these courses are specially designed and set into levels in an interactive way that suits our kid’s current level of Islamic knowledge and facilitates the entire learning process.

Short Islamic courses:

These short Islamic courses have been designed for kids to taught them all basic things about Islam, so they may become successful not only in this life but also thereafter.

  • Aqidah (Islamic Creed)

·        Islamic History

·        Quran

·        Fiqh

·        Hadith

·        Islamic Manners and Ethics

·        Duas and Azkar

Online Quran Course provides one on one Quran classes as well as all required Islamic education from a basic to advanced level online to our students by live expert and highly qualified teachers via Skype and other sources.

We provide Qualitative Lessons of Quran and Islamic classes. Student’s satisfaction is our priority. You are most welcome join as a Free Trial class as well.

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