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Madni Noorani Qaida is launched by “Majlis Madrasa Almadinah”. It is published by the Maktaba-tul-Madina & consists of 54 pages with 17 chapters. Noorani Qaida is known as the basic Qaida to learn the Holy Quran worldwide. It is much difficult for learners to read the Holy Quran just because it is in the Arabic language without knowing the basics of Arabic grammar. In this regard, Madni Noorani Qaida is introduced by “Jamat-e-Islami” a non-political & non-profit organization of Pakistan. It is a multilingual Qaida for learners all across the world. Except for the Booklet form now it is available online too. You can read online Madni Noorani Qaida and can also download it to read it offline.

  • Madni Qaida is available in Urdu for all those who can speak & understand it in Urdu. At the same time, it is also available in English
  • Noorani Qaida English pdf is also available for online reading and can be downloaded. Noorani Qaida English has all the Arabic basic rules explained in English. English learners can download English Noorani Qaida by clicking on the English Madni Qaida.
  • In Noorani Qaida, Seventeen chapters start from a single haroof to a complex one.
  • The Arabic rules of use of Zayer, Zabar, Payesh, Jazam, Shad, Maad, etc. are shown. It is very necessary to learn the basic rules of Arabic to learn the Holy Quran in Arabic as most of us are not Native Arabic.
  • Muslims must read the Holy Quran with proper pronunciation. If the Holy Quran is not recited with proper pronunciation then there are changed meanings of the Ayaat.

Before learning Noorani Qaida Makharij is taught for proper pronunciation. It is a big achievement because the learners can learn without tutors and not a time bounding. It is an offline application providing an exciting opportunity to learn Holy Quran basics. Madni app consists of 22 lessons with some exercises and repetitions. Practices of Hakaat & Tanveen, long vowels, short vowels, Haroof e Maddah, Vertical Zair/ Zabar & much more when learned before the learning of Holy Quran then it makes it easy for the learner to learn Quran.